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[ voice ]

Hi. Does anyone know how people make perfumes? Or the sticks that you burn and they give off smells.

And... I want to know about plants and medicines too! So if anyone knows just send me a message, okay? I don't want to know everything, just one or two things. Thanks.


Hi, can I meet with someone who can make a ball of water without it touching anything? I want to try an attack on it, so - if you don't care about water exploding and you have a free hour sometime, let me know! Thanks!

[ Action ]

Any grocery shop/restaurant/ANY SHOP, forest, battle dome, flower shop, also idk beach and mountains if you want like it doesn't have to be set on today. Many options bro that's why i'm putting it under a cut )

03 video

Jul. 3rd, 2014 04:53 pm
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[ video ]

[ Nothing interesting on the video feed here, just a black-haired boy with his pikachu's head poking from the bottom of the screen. ]

Hi, my name's Red. I've got a couple of questions... I wanted to ask about first aid and the battle dome, and also if there's anybody that knows about fixing things? [ He looks away ] I don't have anything broken, but I wanted to have something looked at.

[ Right, anyway. Back to the screen. ]

But with the first aid... I was wondering if anyone had the time to help me see if I know what I'm doing? I got taught how to put on bandages a long time ago, but I don't think I was doing it right the last time I did it.

[ Maybe it had been fine, but a refresher would be good either way. ]

Anyway, then the battle dome - I wanted to know about what fighters train against in there. [ This was going to be hard, but ] I know people here have different abilities, and what we can handle is different too. I've tried creatures not from my world, but I guess...

[ What does he guess? He thinks, pinching his bottom lip in. ]

...I guess I just want to know if there's something better me and my pokémon can do. Everything's still challenging in the battle dome, but I want -- more? [ Um.

That sounds... bad? He fidgets, then shrugs. ]
I don't know. I thought it'd be interesting to know what else we could fight on there. That's about it really.

Well... that's it. Bye.


[ Private voice to Caius ([personal profile] accepted) ]

Hey, Caius. [ He pauses, trying to think of how to continue... ] You fight with a sword, right? I want to practice with you sometime, if you've got the time.
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[ When the video turns on in the very early morning, there's only half a face present before it comes up fully onto the screen. The boy is practically beaming at the journal, and there's only a second before-- ]

Ivysaur evolved!

[ Yes. He couldn't keep that excitement in. He's still got a really dumb smile on and he has to remember what he was going to say, a pause there before he continues. ]

If you don't know what an ivysaur is, they're a grass and poison type pokémon! Ivysaur's been with me since she was a bulbasaur and now she's huge! She's big! She's nearly as big as Snorlax is!

[ The camera faces down to a dusty ground, then comes back up. ] I'm going to show you her, okay? [ And then the book flips around, showing a large, blueish-greenish toad-skin looking monster with a flower protruding from her back from the front, standing at 6'10 (for those who can tell). She leans her head to the side, her mouth opening slightly and showing her fangs as she grunts a small sound. She's embarrassed by the fuss, but the yellow rodent at her feet displays her with his arms proudly out towards her. Pika! (Check her out!)

(Also from the background, some might be able to tell that they're at the farm. Why are they at the farm so early? Because.) ]

Isn't she cool? She is! --oh, hey, Snorlax! Stand next to her and show everyone how big she is next to you!

[ The recording swings over to show a very fat panda creature sitting down eating a pile of bread. He continues eating, and as Red begs again ("C'mon, Snooorlax!"), the creature proceeds to noisily shuffle his butt to face the opposite direction. Noopppee. ] Snor! You...!

[ Huff! He faces the screen back to himself finally, making a puffed face but not so seriously. ] Forget about him! Saur's amazing and that's all that matters!

[ And then one last smile! ]

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[ action / forest & town ]

[ A Add another number to the newbie arrival for this month. Red thankfully has friendly company to help him realise what the heck is on his back, and also to rip some holes in his shirt so he can stop wearing nothing over his chest. He's carrying the rest of the clothes though, he's not messing around with changing out in a forest at this time.

Maybe you're lurking around in the forest for whatever, and wow what is that big thing you see through the trees? Or wow, what's that faint, pleasant smell in the air?

But they'll also be found in the town, with the boy and his three pokémon finding themselves led there thanks to a good pair of ears.

They're free to approach, or maybe Red will approach your character should they not seem to be in a rush. ]

Uh, excuse me?

[ B A little trouble may or may not occur. Did somebody say something about Luceti and cookies??? Who's cooking? Because that aforementioned big round guy? Red was led to the town by Pikachu's ears and Snorlax's impressive Food Is Here senses. So if anybody is baking right now, the snorlax might juuust try to circle around your house (or wherever it is you're cooking), to try and find the source and how to get to the source.

What is that shadow creeping outside your kitchen window? What is that rattling on your door knob? Are you not even in a house with food? Well, you may not be so alone for long...

Hi, sexy food havers.

Restaurants are also not safe. ]

[ voice/video ]

[ Red may or may not really get this thing already. Either way he, with maybe the head of one of his pokémon peeking at the side, will be looking at the book in bewilderment. ]

Uh... Hello?

[ A+ work, Red. ]